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September 22 2022
Once again doing some fixing, just fixed up some of my past sites that I've done. Made them html5/css3 just general fixes to update a few aspects. They're not going to catch search engines if keywords don't really get looked up anymore.
September 10 2022
I'm not going to lie, I have a bad habit of remodelling websites. No the KWOAOA one is staying as is, I like it, however I did work on the FST one so that it would resemble this site. Does this mean that I'm going to be focusing on FST?

I'm sure a number of you were worried for anywhere from a few minutes to up to 48 hours when the domain went dorment and the site didn't show up thinking I removed things again. Actually it was the opposite, I found over the last little while that AwardSpace has gotten increasingly slow for uploading. But instead of searching for a new host in which I would have to be constantly worried about vanishing since when it comes to free hosting not all sites are that friendly. I decided to focus on using the host that I had at the birth of KWOAOA and that is Tripod. Yes Tripod, believe it or not at one point in time they actually had free hosting, they don't anymore. Well they don't allow any new free hosting sign ups but my account is still good and they are much faster than awardspace.

Update #2
The only downfall of Tripod is  it only allows 20mb of hosting, this site is 16mb and that's just the info since it has next to no graphics on it.
Needless to say after I made the change I have started to look else where for hosting as well, I don't think I want to go back to awardspace but to be honest the other site would just be a secondary site to see how stable the host is.
September 8 2022 - A Few Ideas I Had with Nico
Back when I originally talked with Nico and he mentioned about retirement I was quickly coming up with a bunch of ideas that I wanted him to do prior to him walking away from things

FST - I was going to bring back FST (formerly KWOFST) and had Nico be the lead on it who would no doubt hold the title for at least one or two months before retiring at least it would mean that the promotion would have a dedicated champion

Tag Team - one of the more difficult things that I have been having trouble doing is having an actual tag team division, that was something I wanted Nico to be apart of since I knew how skilled of a singles wrestler he was. I even had the idea of having him compete with Doomsday and yes I would have them as kind of a loose cannon tag team since I would have them as they were one being face and one being heel

One Last BIG Match - One of the last ideas I had was for him to have one last BIG match, it was going to be against Doomsday it was going to be title vs career, but this would be the first match that I would actually choose a winner of and I would make it a draw so that the title would become vacant and because of no winner then both wrestlers would have to retire. Kind of leaving us in the same predictament we are in now with no World Champion
August 28 2022 - A Surprise Turn Of Events
As the clock struck midnight two emails were sent to the head of KWOAOA one from Doomsday and one from Nico "The Messiah" Voight
both of which have decided to retire. They feel that they have nothing more to prove. They certainly have enjoyed the careers they have had here in KWOAOA

It was just yesterday that Nico discussed retirement with us and originally we thought he may have held out until the end of the year if not until the end of the month, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

With Doomsday also retiring that have vacated the KWOAOA World Title, we haven't decided at this time what we're going to do to name a new champion.
Plus this means that the Stalking Scorpions have disbanded, since the group was just one person that person being Julio Vega

More retirements happening, both Julio Vega and Mitsuhiro Nakamura have also gone back into retirement, yes you read right as they were originally both part of the KWOAOA but they felt that they weren't getting the push they deserved so Julio set back out into the world of the indies where as Mitsuhiro returned to his homeland (Japan) they both came back when FST (previously called KWOFST) opened up which they both excelled at to the point of they both got pushed to the main roster once FST closed it's doors. During the earlier battles between FST and KWOAOA they were able to outlast the rest of the competition including Nakamura winning the KWOAOA World Title on three occassions. Vega winning it once in his career wtih us back in 2018.
With Nakamura also retiring this will also disband Path Of Tigers

Kota Okanda and Eyk Menz also left the promotion
August 28 2022 - Retirement ?
Been in touch with Nico for the first time since our conversations that got posted roughly a month ago in regards to him turning heel. The latest topic of interest is retirement.  Yup Nico is thinking about retiring, he feels that he has accomplished all that he can and all that he wants to do in KWOAOA and he's thinking that it's about time that he just walks out into the sunset, we'll have more on this as the story progresses
August 27 2022
Have a few more results now online, check'em under latest results
August 26 2022
Today we say both Hello and Goodbye to Bronze (Based On Kurt Angle) and Morbid (Based on Brock Lesnar)
While we released two, we also signed two The Lost Soul (Based on Abadon) and The Female Demon (Based On Thunder Rosa)
Just recently signed Unholy Bishop (BO: Rosemary)
In our two releases earlier we have overlooked Double Doze (Based On Rey Mysterio Jr)
After trying out some of the originals and finding that they can't keep up with the latest crop of talent the following releases have been issued, however the following wrestlers are ones who have helped shape KWOAOA into what it is today

The Female Demon (BO: Thunder Rosa)
Dreemer (BO: Tommy Dreamer)
Fire Fury (BO: Sabu)
The Maniac (BO: Rhyno)
Demon X (BO: Halloween)
Dead xXx (BO Damien 666)
Razz (BO: Taz)
Scorpyan (BO: Sting)
Spyke (BO: Spike Dudley)
Unholy Bishop (BO: Rosemary)
The Lost Soul (BO: Abadon)
Total Insanity (BO: Super Crazy)
Mortiz (BO: Mortis)
Awezome (BO: Mike Awesome)
Acyd Rain (BO: Masahiro Chono)
Domination (BO: Nozawa)

Also be sure to check out the results from Armageddon 2022, No Mercy 2022 and No Limit 2022 all can be found under the latest results
August 23 2022
So it's been almost a month since I last ran any sort of wrestling event and that wasn't even for the main promotion but it was for one of the past ones that I made a bunch of changes to.

Over the course of July I barely thought about wrestling, I watched my first full wrestling show in years (it was an episode of raw) I'll be honest I struggled to finish watching it because my brain just didn't overly care for it.

Since the start of KWOAOA I've gone through a number of hiatus' because I just lose interest, not sure if it's depression sneaking up on me or just life getting in the way. Or perhaps it's just generally me losing interest in it all together. At times it's a few months but other times it's been several years.

At the time of writing this (August 23 2022) I have removed everything wrestling related from my computer and have set this site up for the long haul as the domain is now pointed at a free subdomain since I honestly don't know how long this hiatus is going to last.

Been struggling with answers for a number of things, sure I get ideas for things but at times I just can't bring myself to do them because I just find things so tedious. I think that's why I try to keep things simple so I have to put in little to no effort in level of thinking.

I have had the brief thought of posting random ideas I have had in hopes of it helping out any other person looking for ideas, but to be honest I don't see me doing that either.

My ideas can just stay locked in the vault that's my mind, they may get done at some point or they may never see the light of day.